NAME: Valentina
AGE: 13 years old
HEIGTH: 5’8”
SIGN: Virgo
BEST FRIENDS: Clara and Giovanna
STRENGTH: Intelligent, Leader, Rational and Responsible.
WEAKNESS: Picky, Critical and Bossy.


Valentina, the only black girl in the class, with a very high IQ of 154, is not easily intimidated and shows her full potential in the face of the most complexes problems, as if she were just playing.

She is centered, intelligent, bossy and, often, she is the voice of the conscience for the whole gang. Valentina is the perfect stereotype of the NERD girl. She loves to read (her favorite writer is Shakespeare) and is always well informed about current affairs (any relevant subject is on her radar). Valentina’s grades are always among the highest in the school and Clara and Giovana often ask for her help with their studies.

Valentina always says that, because she is one of the only black girls at school, this motivates, stimulates and impels her more and more, because she wants to show everyone that the black woman is not defined by her skin color but by her own capabilities! That she is as good as any other girl and she is there, in that school, for her own merit, for her intelligence.

Valentina’s behavior is sometimes so mature that it ends up “clashing” with the behavior of her friends, in addition to her attitudes, which were so proud, gave her the nickname of Commander Valentina.

Valentina is the maximum representation that the black girl not only can, but must choose the path she will follow in her life. Valentina will probably pursue a career in science, because she is aware of the role of women in society and, above all, the importance and representativeness of black women role.


A sensible girl with a critical and comprehensive point of view, Valentina always gets involved with topics like feminism and sorority and brings them to the discussion within her friends.