About the Series

Glitter Model is the first animated series to use the glamourous universe of fashion as a backdrop for telling about the adventures of Clara and her best friends Valentina and Giovanna. The Glitter Model stories of are structured in a way that stimulates children to recognize their own inner shine.

Clara, the main character, is discovered by Jonathan, a Model Scout and the girl who was bullied at school with nicknames like “Tall Clumsy Giraffe”, will discover her potential and become a beautiful model, part of the biggest model agency in town: Glitter Model.

Through the fascinating world of fashion, Glitter Model will present a healthy lifestyle and talk about the responsibilities implied in a modeling career, showing the audience that, as in any other professional career, discipline, professionalism, commitment and the ability to deal in a positive way with the negative responses that a model can receive daily, are necessary.

While Clara develops her career as a model, she will have big adventures with Valentina and Giovanna. Clara will learn many important lessons having to do with: family ties, moral and ethical values, career orientation, feminine leadership, friendship, loyalty, teamwork, frustration, regret, anxiety, guilt, and many other themes.

Glitter Model is an empowering animated series that encourages all girls to recognize the inner beauty that lives inside us all.

Glitter Model is coproduced by Monster Movie and NBCUniversal and exhibited by Disney Channel.