NAME: Clara
AGE: 13 years old
HEIGTH: 5’11”
SIGN: Pisces
BEST FRIENDS: Giovanna and Valentina
STRENGTH: Loving, Sentimental, Dreamy and Affectionate.
WEAKNESS: Insecure, Shy and Forgetful


Clara is a sweet, dreamy and passionate girl who awakens an immediate feeling of affection and empathy in everyone. Clara is very insecure, as she was bullied at school because she is too tall for a girl her age and is very skinny. The other children called her “Clumsy giraffe” and other nicknames that made her sad and made her become the insecure girl she is today! Clara’s life changed completely after she was found by Jonathan, a talent scout for one of the biggest modeling agencies in the city, Glitter Model.

At first, Clara was not comfortable accepting Jonathan’s invitation to become a model and she refused him a few times. On a certain day, Clara and her friends, Giovanna and Valentina, decided to produce a fashion show inside the condominium where they live, with the intention of raising money to create a space for their own, becaude the condo playground had become too “childish” for them.

It was on this very day that Clara, encouraged by her friends and her parents, realized that there was a glow within her that she had never known before and understood that she could accept Jonathan’s invitation to reach her full potential.

From that day on, Clara has lived many adventures and emotions alongside her friends and has also learned valuable lessons. She understood that it is necessary to always listen to her parents, she learned the importance of always telling the truth and taking responsibility for her own mistakes!

Clara discovered that it is necessary to listen to the opinion of others and that a person is never totally right or totally wrong, because there are different points of view that can be considered before making any decision.

The most important lesson that Clara took from all this is that “Every girl has their own shine”


Clara is a selfless girl! She is always willing to help those in need and doing so, she ends up inspiring the people around her, encouraging them to also recognize their own shine.