NAME: Artur
AGE: 13 years old
HEIGTH: 5’11”
SIGN: Libra
BEST FRIENDS: Davi and Manú
STRENGTH: Affectionate, Sensitive, Romantic and Naïve.
WEAKNESS: Precipitous, Distracted and Insecure.


Artur is an adopted son and grew up surrounded by a lot of love, affection and understanding. Inside his house, Artur has always been taught to consider any situation and always try to seek the best solution, in a non-violent and always conciliatory way.

He is a sensitive, romantic boy who believes in love at first sight. That’s exactly what happens in his life when he moved into the condo where the girls and his best friend, Davi, lives.

Upon arriving at his new condominium, Artur also started to study at the same school as the girls and for a simple “detail of the schedule” he ends up with the rehearsal schedule for the end of the year presentation by Clara and her friends, who in all previous years created the “tradition” of always choosing the same scheduled time.

Through his friend Davi, he learned that the original “owner” of that time was very irritated that he “took away” with her scheduled spot. This aroused in Arthur the curiosity to know who “Clara” was.

Artur decides to watch the presentation of Clara and her friends at the end of the year talent show at the School and sits in the front row of the theater , to watch the presentation of the girls’ Romeo and Juliet.

The love at first sight that Arthur believes so much, materialized and was reciprocal. Clara, who was cranky with the boy who stole her rehearsal schedule, became her first love!


Arthur’s sensitivity puts him in a position that allows him to understand the feelings and emotions of his friends, allowing him to be able to help them in the best possible way, with a word or just with a hug.