NAME: Davi
AGE: 12 years old
HEIGTH: 5’7”
SIGN: Scorpio
BEST FRIENDS: Artur, Manú and Giovanna.
STRENGTH: Cheerful, loyal, relaxed and supportive.
WEAKNESS: Anxious, impatient and stubborn.


Davi is an only son and was raised by his single mom, who from an early age taught him to be loyal to his friends and his principles and that solidarity with others should always prevail in his attitudes.

Because he was an only child, Davi had to learn to have fun on his own from an early age and he does it with great happiness! The boy loves to be with his friends and do things in a group, but if he is alone, he will have fun with the same intensity, because Daví believes that the best of fun is not the company but the feeling inside each one, no matter where he is.

Daví has a huge admiration for everything related to the GEEK universe: He loves RPGs, social networks, board games and electronic games, as well as action and adventure video games. Davi even has an Internet channel where he gives tips on video games that he likes.

Here’s a warning: Don’t be fooled!  if you think Davi is one of those kids who don’t leave the computer all day, think twice! Davi likes to play sports, likes to ride a bicycle, loves to join the rock band of his friend Artur and besides all that, he is a member of the school’s official football team.

Daví has the typical behavior for his age, is playful and loves to play tricks on his friends, although not all of them like his jokes! He is a very cheerful and fun boy who is always inventing new things to do with his friends. Despite his impatience and stubbornness, Daví is the friend everyone can count on.


David’s joy and relaxation contaminate any environment he is in! He loves to make people laugh and is happy when he knows that they follow him on his game tips channel.