NAME: Giovanna
AGE: 12 years old
HEIGTH: 5’5”
SIGN: Cancer
BEST FRIENDS: Clara and Valentina
STRENGTH: Lively, Participative, Fun and Curious.
WEAKNESS: Anxious, Inattentive, Dramatic and Impulsive.


Giovanna is one of Clara and Valentina’s best friends. She lost her mother, Monica, in her early years and carries her passion for Astrology and Decoration. Giovanna is the youngest of her friends  and is always ready for anything that comes. Literally!

Very anxious and outgoing, Giovanna loves to prepare Cupcakes (and delight later). She is curvy and totally happy with her own body! Jokes and mockings about her body and waste do not make her feel any different from anyone.

Practitioner of several sports, Giovanna loves to play handball, is a main player on the school’s official football team, she do skates, she climbs and shows that being a curvy girl is not a problem when you are at ease with your body and your own life.

Giovanna, being very smart and agile, is never the “last one to be chosen” for any competition! Everyone who knows her, knows that her strength lies in the happiness of participating and relating to people.

Giovana lost her mother a few years ago and lives only with her father and, perhaps, this is the reason behind why Giovanna tries to get people’s attention with a little bit of exaggeration and a certain amount of “drama”.

Giovanna is that friend with whom you can count on at any time and always celebrates with great intensity, all the achievements of Clara and all her friends.

Her behavior is sometimes a little more childlike than her friends, almost as if she herself was in no hurry to grow up, thus taking advantage of all the best that her childhood can offer her.


Giovanna is among the best sportswoman in the school and the fact that she is short and curvy, does not define or limit her physical abilities.