NAME: Lee-Kaa
AGE: 14 years old
HEIGTH: 5’11”
SIGN: Aries
BEST FRIENDS: Shadow (and sometimes Camille)
STRENGTH: Determined, Focused, Meticulous and Objective.
WEAKNESS: Nervous, Impatient and Calculating


Lee-Kaa is the only daughter of a traditional Asian family! From an early age accustomed to the pampering and care that an only daughter could receive, Lee-Kaa had the childhood of dreams! Pampered, Accustomed to having everything she wanted and always having just for herself, Lee-Kaa is not exactly the type of girl who understands what it is to share.

The most severe side of her upbringing is that, despite all the treats she receives, Lee-Kaa is constantly demanded by her parents that she always have to have the best grades in school, always be the first in sports, and be always ready to take on responsibilities for their actions.

Her parents’ rigidity regarding her posture made Lee-Kaa an extremely determined and meticulous girl. Her intelligence is above average and, combined with her other skills, made Lee-Kaa a person who does not accept “NO” as an answer and keeps her going until she gets what she seeks.

Moving to her uncle’s house, in the same condominium where the girls live, Lee-Kaa soon approaches Camille, who becomes her “Best Friend”. Owner of a strong, acid and moody personality, with her IQ. above average, ends up arousing Valentina’s jealousy, until then considered the most intelligent of the class.

Lee-Kaa is an almost “Gothic girl” in her dress style. She does not like light and delicate colors, the so-called “girl colors”. She prefers stronger and darker colors, such as black and purple.

Martial arts practitioner, the only moment Lee-Kaa agrees with Valentina, is when the subject is the divisions between boys and girls, because both believe that everyone can be what they want, play with what they want, wear the colors they want! Lee-Kaa, sometimes plays with her long braids as if they were “nunchakus”.

Girls know how to fight. Girls don’t depend on boys to get what they want. Lee-Kaa is neither charming, she does not ask for help and does not show weaknesses.

If Clara depends on the approval of others to feel confident, Lee-Kaa is the extreme opposite, because the last thing she wants is to hear other people’s opinions about her.


Endowed with a high IQ and practicing martial arts, Lee-Kaa is always looking for a balance between body and mind.