NAME: Camille
AGE: 14 years old
HEIGTH: 5’11”
BEST FRIENDS: Herself (and sometimes Lee-Kaa)
STRENGTH: Communicative, Self-confident, Charismatic and Determined.
WEAKNESS: Narcissistic, Sassy, Flirtatious and Unkind.


Camille is the typical girl who wants to prove her worth to the world. Determined and ambitious, Camille will do anything to achieve her greatest goal: to become the greatest Top Model the world has ever known!

Camille is always concerned with how she looks and how people will see her! She has an almost compulsive behavior about becoming a famous model, with many followers and becoming a beauty reference! This behavior, in many cases, is the catalyst for countless comic situations, for plans that always go wrong and for her endless ability to believe that the next one will work!

Owner of an ambitious, spoiled and extremely competitive personality, Camille always gets involved in some dispute for attention or to prove her “superiority” over Clara, her disaffection! Egocentric, Camille always tries to confuse Clara, giving her the wrong tips on how to be a model and, whenever possible, she will try to stand out, using Clara’s mistakes to highlight her own qualities.

In essence, Camille is not a bad girl! Camille just grew up in an extremely competitive environment. She is the granddaughter of a renowned fashion magazine editor, she has always seen her mother constantly being “charged” by her grandmother and assimilated such charges for herself. Camille is more like a victim of circumstances than a bad girl.

To achieve her mother’s acceptance and achieve her own goal, Camille doesn’t mind going over everything and everyone.


Stubborn and self-confident, Camille always moves on, no matter the size of the situation! Her unwavering stance allows her to hear as many ‘‘no’’ as needed without getting discouraged from her quest for success.